Thursday, May 30, 2013

#23 - Lake Street, 1/2 block West of Lyndale Avenue South, Looking North

#23 - Lake St., 1/2 block West of Lyndale Ave S., Looking North.
10"x 20" oil on canvas.

This is the first of these alley pictures done with oil paint.  I haven't used oils for
a long time.  It just wasn't right for me.  The immediacy of acrylic and
gouache have always worked best.   But, time and curiosity wore me down.
I think I finally found the patience for it and plan to use them more!


  1. Love this -- and the colors are so subtle. Acrylic and gouache are fine, and you do them proud, but oil has a look all its own, and this alley painting is fantastic. It's even better than the actual alley, and the actual alley is a pretty damn good alley.

  2. Thanks Cat!
    Oils have such great character. Now I need to break some habits I've developed using fast dry paints. The foremost being that I keep planting my hands in them = messy.