Thursday, May 1, 2014

#36 - The Incident On 40th Street...

#36 - The Incident On 40th Street
(that ended in the alley between Pillsbury and Pleasant).
24" x 36" oil on canvas, 8-5-2013
Here's something a little different.... inspired by something I started a couple months earlier and based on something that happened just prior to painting it.   The style seemed appropriate for this one.

    One evening in late July after we had come in, there was a very loud crash outside.  We ran out to see what it was and found a car askew on the road with its door open and people standing in the alley entrance across the street.  The story was that the driver hit three cars on Nicollet and one of them chased him as far as the light pole that he bounced his car off.  Then he fled on foot.  They chased him down the alley, held him, and called the police.  There were empty booze bottles and beer cans in the car.  At least the child car seats were empty too.

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